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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ohhhh Fuzzy Wuzzy Snuggle Wuggle.

Oh, pets.  Why is that the first subject matter that I decided to focus on?  Mostly because my crazy dog is so super duper cute that I had to restrain myself from being a complete crazy person and just uploading a pile of pictures of him and commanding you to LOOK AT HIM.  ISN'T HE THE CUTEST DOG EVVEEERRRRR?!!?

He is pretty cute, but he says hello by trying to bite your face...  So, enjoying the pictures is probably the better way to worship my dog.  I'll give you a minute to bask in his cuteness before I continue.

Okay, swooning complete?  Great.  Moving on.  Pets to me are a great subject matter for pictures.  Why?  Because no matter how terrible the pictures turn out, the owner will almost automatically think it's the greatest picture ever, and heap compliments on you and ask for multiple copies.  And really, that's all I look for in photography.  So what follows is an ultra random collection of some of my favorite pet pictures that I happened to find on my computer.  I'm sure there's better pictures out there somewhere, but Kipa is really insistent that I play fetch with his squeaky football.  And I don't put it past him to do something truly terrible to me while I sleep, so I'd better get to it.

Right off the bat with a pet most people think is really creepy.  But he was an awesome snake to pet-sit for a little while... That snake was like a dog - he would sit curled up on my lap while I read.  It was crazy.

Cute kid and cute dog.  It's un--possible to go wrong :)

Ha ha.  Cats are nerds.

I dig the lighting on Zoe in this pic...
Well, I guess technically this dude isn't anyones pet.  He's just too awesome to ignore.

Grace was taken down by a stuffed dinosaur.  Psh.  Greyhounds.

Gramz :)

Zekie boy, you were definitely a total nutter.   And that's why we loved you.

You totally wanted another excuse to fawn over Kipa.  ADMIT IT!!!!

Training, timing, tenacity?

Many photographers I’ve read about have obtained amazing images following careful research of locations, lighting and timing, and incredible patience.  Me... not so much.  For example, the picture above was taken during dinner on my Kilimanjaro climb.  Which was not surprisingly, one of my favorite parts of each day.  I made it a habit to snag the same seat at our pop-up table each day; the one farthest away from the tent door and the chilly breeze, but right next to a zip open window. From my cushy spot I was able to enjoy the ridiculously beautiful views and quite often, the breathtaking sunset.  

Basically, what follows in this blog-dealie is a record of my lucky catches, favorite moments, favorite people, and a small chunk of my world.