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Sunday, January 22, 2012

[to do] PART II

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan
I believe I will add "Be Like Mike" to my list.

As it turns out, my first post got me some connections to get one of my items completed.  My cousin told me about this rad outdoor conference dealie that has a session on dog sledding.  AND on skijoring, archery, surviving a winter night outside, and a bunch of other things assumably way beyond my skill level.  Neat-o.  

So moving on, I realized that it's a bit more difficult to use photos to make the pics for items on my bucket list not yet completed.... since obviously I haven't done them yet, so how would I take the pic?  So I had to get creative, and by creative I mean be as lazy as possible.  My photography style is getting dangerously close to my writing style- which I'm guessing is pretty nonsensical as I'm trying to watch Sin City while writing this.  THAT'S a movie with some cool style.  BOOSH.

So three more items ANDHERETHEYARE!!!:

 I snapped this pic on one of my training runs...  I figured it was representative of the incredibly long road ahead of me before I'm able to be an Ironman.  I've registered for a half IM this summer, and I'm pretty excited for it :)

 Yes.  Yes this is just  pile of random travel stuff.  Pretty creative, no?  That would be a travel magazine of trips I don't really believe in (spending giant piles of cash to stay in ritzy hotels and basically stay as far away from the locals as possible), a pamphlet from one of the companies I'd like to travel through, and my Rosetta Stone for Russian.  I've been slacking on my Russian, truth be told- but I'd really really like to go and stay for a few months with a program similar to the one I did in the Tanz.  Just need money...  lots of it.  And time.   But it's going to happen.

Oh, so I lied earlier.  This is four new items, not three.  I figured these two things were similar enough to put together.  I don't entirely remember what caused me to add "Bike Austria" to my list.  I believe it was from when I was traveling around Austria with a friend some years back I was told about how they have some super amazing bike trails all over the country.  And wowza it was really beautiful there!  As for the Tour D'Afrique- I recommend you look it up.  They actually have a bunch of bike tours now, but I remember following the first Tour online- the bikers rode from Cairo to Cape Town.  Kick ass.
Also- I'm doubting I would do either of these on a Tri-Bike, but I just like taking pics of my superfantastic bike.

So, still waiting for anyone else's bucket list items?  Because I plan to steal them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[to do] PART I

And so, it begins.  Didn't take long, yeah?  Truth be told, I should really really really be running right now, however there is someone else in the fitness room in my building.  It's not even close to being big enough for one person, let alone the awkwardness of two strangers squeezing past each other in sweaty creepiness to get to another machine.  Plus, I'm lazy and it was a great excuse.  So to begin, I found DA DA DA DAAAA!  the list.

Some need a bit of editing- like bungee jumping in Australia.  I added that after seeing a special about the first commercial bungee site in Queenstown, and I was confused.  Because that's in NZ.  Otherwise, I've got quite a bit of work to do!  I begin with a few of the items already completed.

Anyone have any cool items on their bucket list already crossed off??

 It would seem that in February you're not able to get the actual pieces, so we played what we dubbed "Girls Chess" with what we found in our purses.  BOOM.  It counts.

Kili!  Yah.  I was probably no fun to be around on summit day- throwing my mittens around and nearly losing my breakfast multiple times but we all made it :)  Cruising around above the clouds.

Hawooooooo!  Jumping the Nevis- the 2nd highest bungee in the world.  Or third.  Can't remember.  But I do remember that it was a 440 ft drop and it was AWESOME.

So there's still quite a bit on the list to work on...  and while we're on the subject- does anyone know someone with a bunch of huskies and a sled to lend me?  Or a helicopter?  Let's make this a team operation.  I will totally help you with your list items if they involve drinking a lot in St. Paul, accidentally lighting things on fire, or sitting around on a couch watching movies.

to do.

In an attempt to avoid doing any real work today- which as it turns out, involves a great deal of work hiding my contempt for my current place of employment- I ran across one of those websites where people upload pictures for people to comment on...  like a G rated Imgur, you could say.  On this site one of the links was a bunch of items on someone’s bucket list, ideas listed over stock photos.  Both the ideas and the photos I found (very snarkishly) incredibly lame.  My need to keep moving mixed with my ridiculously competitive nature led me to the idea of creating my own bucket list- using items from a list I've kept up for about 7 years (transferred from a list I began in middle school) of everything I hope to do before I die.  I won't be posting my first photo/list item quite yet- as I'm at work and don't have my camera.  In fact, I don't even know where the House camera is, because damn it, a staff fucking lost it again. But now you've got something to look forward to!  You lucky bastards.  If Being Wowed By a Mediocre Blogger's Bucket List is on your own bucket list, you will soon be able to check the shit out of that item.  And also- if reading profanities is on there as well....  YOU'RE WELCOME.

“God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.”


Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did.  Know when to let go and when to hold on tight.  Stop rushing.  Don’t be intimidated to say it like it is.  Stop apologizing all the time.  Learn to say no, so your yes has more oomph.  Spend time with the friends who life you up, cut loose the ones who bring you down.  Stop giving your power away.  Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting.  Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it.  Finally, know who you are.

-- Kristin Armstrong

Sunday, January 15, 2012

and while I'm at it... Back to NZ for a quick memory jog

So maybe I mentioned that this blog-reading public was safe from a reminiscent post about any more trips, but I lied.  I do that from time to time, or maybe I don't - you can't really tell if I'm telling the truth on these things.  Anyways, moving on from this stupidity- here's a few shots from my year in New Zealand.  I highly HIGHLY highly recommend the place.  It's beyond beautiful, the people are fantastic, and it's just uber-laid back and lovely.

And there's sheep.  

When George Bernard Shaw visited New Zealand a reporter asked him his impression of the place and, after a pause, Shaw is said to have replied: "Altogether too many sheep"

 Akaroa Harbor.  If I remember right, this was about a 20 minute drive from where I lived.  aaaahhh.

My favorite of my clients...  We spent a bit of time relaxing on the swing outside everyday, since she was only able to be awake for about 6 hours each day and couldn't handle a whole lot.

The best of hangover cures: floating in the waves in Byron Bay in Australia.

 Travel Friends.  Again, they're just too awesome.

 When I was bored I was cruise out to New Brighton Pier to wander around.  Not too bad of a place to waste a little time.

 YAAAKS.  Should've uploaded the picture of the Yak that was about to headbutt Tristan.

 The view during a dinner of fried hot dogs and chips while in Kaikoura.

 Somewhere between the west coast and the east coast of the South Island...  We road tripped back and forth, and now can't remember where exactly this was.

My bro and I while on a kayaking/camping trip around Abel Tasman.  SO AWESOME.


Monday, January 9, 2012

just ONE more trip down the tanz memory lane

So, I'm sitting here getting really really nostalgic for travel, and make the horrible mistake of cruising through some of my photo albums.  Argh.  So instead of my initial plan for the night to finally clean up my apartment a bit so it no longer smells/looks like a barn and/or nuclear test site, I decided to go through the albums and choose the pics that best represented the things I missed the most.  Obviously, it did not have the effect of purging my nostalgia...  and I am now going a bit bonkers.  On the plus side, if I have any luck getting this third job, I may be able to afford a trip to Croatia in May- so I will be able to miss terribly yet another wonderful place in this world.  I wish at times that my NZ, Scotland, and other various trips were documented with a digital camera, so that I could bombard you with those memories as well.  But luckily (for your sake) that's not the case.  So back to the Tanz we roll.

“All the pathos and irony of leaving one’s youth behind is thus implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered, and the wise traveler learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time.” – Paul Fussell

1.)  I miss travel friends.  The people you run across with the same travel mentality, current excitement for life, and passion for something new or different.  They're with you as you basically transform into a whole new person.

 2.)  The kiddos!  They were curious, silly, and very direct and blunt about that curiosity and silliness.

3.)  Getting to play soccer with the Bagamoyo Sisters, and other situations like that.  I was so out of my element, played like crap, and never really understood what was going on around me- and that's most of what made it so awesome.

4.)  My students :)  They were rad beyond rad.  Often times beating the crap out of each other, and basically none of us spoke the same language (few were verbal, many were deaf, no one could teach me any Tanzanian sign, and my Swahili was lacking...) so it ended up being a very exciting environment.  Loved it and miss them quite a lot.

 5.)  This.  Does Zanzibar need an explanation?  Hapana.

6.)  And this.  I did not scuba (as I've never tried, and I'm fairly certain my ears and possibly brain would explode) so I snorkeled around the surface seeing beautiful sea-shenanigans while sunburning the bejesus out of my legs.

 7.)  How many of you can say you danced to Madonna with a Masaii?

 8.)  Seeing this...  and accomplishing one of the best drink-sip moments of my life.

 9.)  A cliche picture to be sure, but even having sat there, I still see this picture and think it looks fake.

10.)  Everyone likes camping if you get to camp above the clouds.

Oh geez, now it's even later, my apartment is still pretty gross, and I'm still drowning in memories.  However, if this at all makes you want to cruise around to some unexpectedly beautiful, life-changing locations- then I have done my job.  And if you choose the Tanz- want a friend to go with you???

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sampler platter.

It's a great time of year to find lots of 'best of' shenanigans.   So I decided to cruise through some of the best of the year lists for photos, and for the most part became massively depressed.  So instead of pulling which pictures were the best in my opinion, I chose a few that didn't make me want to run off and join a pack of wolves.  Also, this may seem a bit redundant, as a few posts ago I tossed a few links out to some amazing collections, but this is the lazy persons version.  You can enjoy a few without the work of clicking a link.  You're welcome.

 A Thai dude during floods in Bangkok.  When there isn't anything else you can do, why not watch a bit of TV.

 Holy crap, that's a lot of snow.

 First same-sex couple to get married in Manhattan.  Oh, shit.  Marriages are going to start falling apart all over the place.

 Because The Dude, that's why.

I would really like to go to this place.  If only it wasn't a seafood restaurant.  Looks rad, though.

 Those are spiderwebs.  GROSS.

Because thank God, someone has a sense of humor.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

an old sang lime.

The Earth is yet again in the same place it was 365 days ago, and for this, we drink ourselves stupid.  To be followed up by a list of things we plan to change about ourselves, but never really get to because, let's face it- we're all too hungover on the first and that's a rotten way to start out any kind of transformation.  But then again, I'm perfect, so I've never had that problem.

But seeing as this was originally supposed to be some sort of photography blog (which has begun to get a bit redonk as of late... or as of the beginning) I will include a few of my favorite new year's pictures.  by a few, I mean three.  That's all you punk asses get.  Oh, okay, I'll share my resolutions too.  

ONE: learn, to use commas correctly.
TWO: fucking swear less
THREE: edit. proofread.  anything.
FOUR: make millions of dollars to somehow counteract the millions of nothing I have.
FIVE: work on that whole personal hygiene thing.
and SIX: post some damn pictures.

 I enjoy this picture since it's pretty classic New Year's.  A little cham-pagan.  
And it's at the LBJ, which is a pretty rad place to be.

 Upon review, this really could be any night.  But it was from this new years, and makes me laugh- so enjoy.  

Again, this could really be any night.  But I do enjoy reposting this as much as possible to destroy what professional reputation my brother has at all.  

Have a super duper 2012, to the two, maybe three people that will read this.  Make it your best year so far :)