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Friday, December 10, 2010

baby, you are beautiful from your crown to your cuticles.

A client I was working with took this picture of me as I was
attempting to get my camera back from him after he stole it
from my bag.  It cracked me up when I saw it later.
A picture tells someone that who they are and what they are doing is so important that you want to remember it forever.  Portraits and whatnot of people in action are a pretty powerful thing.  And I mean more than just one of those pictures where you stand next to them and smile blankly at the camera, because in all honestly I’ve never understood why someone wants 20 pictures of themselves standing and posing next to one other person…  and making a goofy-ass face doesn’t help it become less pointless.  It’s true that the self-and-buddy pictures are something I’m guilty of as well, but I make it a point to snag some shots of people occasionally doing something besides standing there and smiling uncomfortably.  This collection falls into the category of all of my posts so far, in the fact that it really doesn’t make all that much sense- but these are some fantastic moments and some beautiful people that rocked the lens. 

There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them 
the motto of our souls

A portrait of pure RAWK.

You're totally welcome, Amanda.

I just feel like this is straight out of a wine tour brochure.  Yum...  wine.

ha ha, my sister locked herself in my car.

My attempts at being an actual portrait photographer... although my only model so far has been my brother...  and I think the only person with the picture up is my Gram.


This pic has been on here before, but I think the pigeon/lighting shenanigans makes it fantastical.

It's like Rexi's senior portrait.  And believe me, you're lucky there aren't more pictures of this dino on here.

A free Swahili lesson on the beach.  I enjoy how this was a portrait of how friendly the Bagamoyo locals were.

My Gram is a stunnah.

This may have already been blogged about...  but I still dig it.  So you get to times two.
Don't know if a passed out drunkie pic counts as a portrait...  but I think it's a pretty fitting representation of Steve.

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  1. Hey Alexi, it's Meredith (alias Meri),
    I'm cracking up at picture number one there... Sounds pretty familiar...
    Your pictures are really neat though, I'm enjoying looking at them!
    See you Monday...