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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lights, check. Camera, check. Action... meh.

The pic on my left was one of my first experiences with a messed up fireworks picture turning out somewhat cool.  Actually, now that the 'fireworks' setting is on every dinky point and shoot camera, pretty much everyone knows how to manipulate light to make cool looking pictures.  Even so, I'm still kind of jazzed by using lighting in pictures- both unnatural (sparklers, inside lighting, etc) and natural (the sun, fires, and other such shenanigans.)

More often than not, I get a blurry mamojam as a resulting picture, since I have the worlds shakiest hands, and I'm usually too lazy to bring my tripod...  So what follows is a few lucky shots that I'm pretty fond of...  and now looking at them all together, they no longer make as much sense as a group, but as I mentioned, I'm lazy.  So this is what you get.

For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life - the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value.    (Claude Monet)

 Blues at the Black Bear.  There's something very cool about the lighting in bars if you can get it right- it's dim and strange, but the changing colors of neon lights and other strange mood lighting contraptions means pictures usually turn out as a surprise to me.

 Dance party pics can also have the same fun outcome of bar pics, in the fact that crazy lighting makes for some fun outcomes...  especially if people are really enjoying themselves, that's a definite bonus.

 Chicago at night.  Not at all the most inspired picture, I'm just always shocked when I can hold my camera still enough for a pic to turn out.

 We had been drinking (shocker) and were under the impression that a large cluster of pictures we were taking in the neon lights were the most amazing things ever.  Not really, but I really dug out the colors turned out, and it's impossible to detach a personal memory from when a picture was taken from how much you like the pic later on.

 Fire always makes for some cool mood lighting as well.  And it helps that my friend lit his foot on fire shortly after I took this picture...  Likely since he kept sticking his foot in the flames.

 Backlit pictures can be pretty cool if what you're aiming for isn't seeing the person's face.  This wasn't totally intentional, but it's always worth winging it with where the sun is...  At least if you're like me, and get good pictures purely from luck.

 Another picture I have a hard time with seeing with an outsiders eyes-  it's The Whale, and I love The Whale... so that means, I love the picture.

 Boredom usually winds up in my taking pictures of random things around my apartment.  Including my awesome lights.

 This pic isn't one of my favorites just because of the lighting (I love early morning light coming in through the window) but because it's also candid...  and it looks a bit like she's having a conversation with the pigeons.  Oh, NYC.

 Bright light through the window can also highlight and express how a poor schmoe with a hangover really feels.

 Not the most amazing pic, but I really enjoy the dark blue/purple with the orange.  

 A post about lighting.  and lights.  Ha.
And these are actually at the Eastman House (as in Eastman/Kodak) in Rochester... fitting when talking about photography.

 More fireworks.  Whee!

 This felt pretty iconic for New Years Eve.  And an example of my strange habit of using alcohol as a photography subject.

The night market in Stone Town on Zanzibar...  This was when the power on the island was out for several months, with only small lights run on generators were used, so figuring out how to play with lighting during night shots involved a bit more creativity.  

 More dancing with fun lights.

Sparkler shots are usually a lot more creative...  but this is what I've got.

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