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Friday, July 15, 2011


This is a little better.
Is there anything more terrible than in-studio posed family photos?  Well, yeah, obviously, but they're still pretty bad.  Case in point, that fantastic example to the left.  Yeesh.  What siblings would naturally stand around like that withe their hands on each others shoulder?  Except maybe the McPoyles.  The bestest of the bestest though when it comes to family photos can be found right about here
The exception is possibly pics of cute little kids that on occasion are well done in the studio... as long as the photographer doesn't have redonk dreams of being just like Ann Getty.  gross.
just so adorable.
I can't really act all high and mighty though, since I am more guilty than anyone when it comes to posing people stupidly for pictures....  but I just had to find an excuse to share my rocking high school hair with the world.
This pic was taken at the James Jay Hill House.  Even old school peeps though having their picture taken was weird and awkward.