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Sunday, January 22, 2012

[to do] PART II

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan
I believe I will add "Be Like Mike" to my list.

As it turns out, my first post got me some connections to get one of my items completed.  My cousin told me about this rad outdoor conference dealie that has a session on dog sledding.  AND on skijoring, archery, surviving a winter night outside, and a bunch of other things assumably way beyond my skill level.  Neat-o.  

So moving on, I realized that it's a bit more difficult to use photos to make the pics for items on my bucket list not yet completed.... since obviously I haven't done them yet, so how would I take the pic?  So I had to get creative, and by creative I mean be as lazy as possible.  My photography style is getting dangerously close to my writing style- which I'm guessing is pretty nonsensical as I'm trying to watch Sin City while writing this.  THAT'S a movie with some cool style.  BOOSH.

So three more items ANDHERETHEYARE!!!:

 I snapped this pic on one of my training runs...  I figured it was representative of the incredibly long road ahead of me before I'm able to be an Ironman.  I've registered for a half IM this summer, and I'm pretty excited for it :)

 Yes.  Yes this is just  pile of random travel stuff.  Pretty creative, no?  That would be a travel magazine of trips I don't really believe in (spending giant piles of cash to stay in ritzy hotels and basically stay as far away from the locals as possible), a pamphlet from one of the companies I'd like to travel through, and my Rosetta Stone for Russian.  I've been slacking on my Russian, truth be told- but I'd really really like to go and stay for a few months with a program similar to the one I did in the Tanz.  Just need money...  lots of it.  And time.   But it's going to happen.

Oh, so I lied earlier.  This is four new items, not three.  I figured these two things were similar enough to put together.  I don't entirely remember what caused me to add "Bike Austria" to my list.  I believe it was from when I was traveling around Austria with a friend some years back I was told about how they have some super amazing bike trails all over the country.  And wowza it was really beautiful there!  As for the Tour D'Afrique- I recommend you look it up.  They actually have a bunch of bike tours now, but I remember following the first Tour online- the bikers rode from Cairo to Cape Town.  Kick ass.
Also- I'm doubting I would do either of these on a Tri-Bike, but I just like taking pics of my superfantastic bike.

So, still waiting for anyone else's bucket list items?  Because I plan to steal them.

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  1. Greek islands. Israel. Take the trans siberian rail the whole way.