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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So...  basically these are just a few pictures I really wish I'd taken.  No backstory or anything needed, this is just some straight up jealousy here.  And this is just a couple I ran across the last couple days...  there are likely thousands upon thousands of pictures I wish I had taken.

 Somewhere in Italy.  I'm guessing this is super duper photoshopped, but I like to believe this place really exists.  and I will go there.  and take this picture.

 No idea where.  Just rad.

Iceland.  And I don't want to just take this picture, I WANT TO LIVE HERE.

Stephen Hawking in zero gravity.  I want to take this picture because I would like to hang out with Stephen Hawking in zero gravity.

don't deny it, you'd love it too.

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